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Destinations & Elopements

Destination Weddings & Elopements. Your Big Day may look like a beach with only you two before God or on the hike to a waterfall where you shared your first kiss. No matter what your big day looks like we want in!


We will gladly follow you to all the corners of the world if you want us to. DW's have a different pricing but the easiest way to summarize it is that all you need to pay is for my travel and overnight room. The wedding photos will be FREE!!! Yes, FREE!!!

If you were wanting a package with all the bells and whistles such as photobooks etc; those can still be purchased separately. But all photos and costs are covered in the travel expense. 

Contact us directly for more information.


So you decided to elope?

Eloping can be a romantic way to join in union with your special someone and have it only be for the two of you. Or maybe the entire gang is following you to that special spot, or the family is simply driving you crazy & you decided to keep it simple. The reasons are your own but you still want to make sure this memory is captured for the history books.

I would be honored to capture this moment so that you can hold onto this memory for the rest of your lives and also be able to supply loved ones with a glimpse of the special moment. 

Since this is a more intimate affair, we will discuss with you exactly what you want from us and together we will create a package as unique as your union. 

Day After Photoshoot?

If you haven't heard of this you should keep reading. 

I am old fashioned I suppose, in believing that weddings should go as they always have and wedding photos are a part of the days process. But I can't help finding this option very appealing.

We all get so overwhelmed on our wedding day, no matter if its big or small and they all go by way too fast. So why take a moment away from it than we need to?

We get in all the group wedding party photos, the family photos and then finally the first photos as Mr. & Mrs. But we are rushed to get them done and limited to what we are willing to do. I love photos of brides laying in the grass cuddling their new husband. But I would have never dared to do it on my wedding day and spend the rest of my day with dirt or grass stains LOL. 

This option just makes sense. We still will get all the family and group photos done and even a few of our couple photos but we are not rushed and can truly spend our time enjoying our friends and family knowing we get time tomorrow to take those intimate shots away from all the prying eyes and without limitations. Limitations of time and what we are able to accomplish. 

You can maybe include the family pets who could not attend the big day, or feel free to roll around till your hearts contentment without fear of a thing! Heck you can even end the day splashing in the creek. No matter what your dream wedding photos look like, you have more time to achieve them and be more creative than you could the day of. 

Most of us still have our lashes on or hair pinned up and besides, we get another day our of our gown and tux. It's like an extension of your wedding day. Allowing you to hold onto the moment just a little bit longer. 

Mark my words, it'll catch on!!! Its the next new normal in wedding photography.


Bridal Boudoir?

We just want you to know that we have some options for you to consider. We know its not for everyone but we think it's a great addition to your bridal portfolio.


Many bride and grooms choose to present personal gifts to one another to open before they walk down the aisle. Some write love letters. No Matter what you may be choosing to do, did you ever think of a boudoir to memorialize this occasion?

This is a great way to get all the feels flowing and add to your excitement before the "I do's".

This is a very private way to surprise your groom and remind him what he has in store. Tastefully & elegantly done can produce beautiful photos and can be presented in either a hard cover photo-book with sweet personal notes or reminders of things like first dates and more  or print then and make an album but no matter how you choose to do it it'll surely knock him off his feet and depending on your selected package this can be done in lieu of an engagement or anniversary shoot. Or you can just book it as a regular session so he never has a clue its coming. Bring your veil and any undergarments or lingerie you are planning to wear on your wedding night or honeymoon and make a memory that is made for just the two of you


.Many people fear boudoir thinking it is an all nude or soft porn type shoot, take those fears away. Some woman prefer more modest posing, others want to show more some less. This is all about what you are comfortable with. We love to do woman empowerment sessions to remind women they are beautiful. Some have scars, stretch marks but those are the things that show how far some have come, or tells a story of strength and there is a beauty in that. Others may need to see for themselves just how beautiful they really are.  So there is no right or wrong, nor insecurity that prevents natural beauty from reflecting in these photos. What better gift to give the man who chose to spend his life with you?

We also offer couple boudoir sessions. So if you'd rather do this as a couple, by all means bring it on. They can even be done in the privacy of your own home or In our studio although I have had adventurous couples who chose outdoor locations as well. Let your love story truly be told through the lens in ways a normal photoshoot may not be able to capture. Or do it as a themed session such as new home, or cooking together in the kitchen etc., There will never be a better time than now. 

Let’s Work Together

If you want to discuss any of these options, simply contact us!!!


Just complete the form here and message us with what you'd like more info on!!

call or text 732.266.3501

Thank you we will be in touch soon!!!
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