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With Kara


You asked, we answered!


Over the years we have had a lot of the same questions and concerns so we thought we could help answer some of them for you. 

As always, if we happen to not cover one that you have, you are more than welcome to reach out to us through our contact page and we'd be more than happy to discuss them with you!!! 

A. you will receive your own personal URL link to an online gallery with all of your photos from your day, fully edited in high resolution, HD quality for print.

You can share this link with family and friends and also save, share, or purchase prints and other photo items directly from your gallery. 

A. We do not place a set amount as every session and/or wedding Is different. A mini can produce in upwards of 50+, a full session can produce anywhere from 150-300, a small wedding can produce 300-500, a large wedding can produce anywhere from 400-1000. 

A. We know that our clients are excited to see their photos. Depending on the length of your session or the amount of photos, most are uploaded & available within 72 hours. Larger events or weddings could take 7-10 days, but a sneak peek will be provided to hold you over :)

A: Yes, we also offer reasonable print packages that can be used in lieu of the digital or as an add on so you can get both including full set prints. Custom boxes also available.

A. Yes, we are insured. We want our clients to feel safe in knowing that their investment is covered.

A. Generally we do not provide a full release. We provide a print release and maintain the copyright of our work to use in promos etc. If for some reason you do not want them used, we do sell full copyrights. 

A. We normally do not release RAW files. Editing is half of the magic that goes into your images. So without it, you are basically getting images that are half-way done. That is in part what you are investing in. 

A. We accept all major credit cards through PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Cash payments. We also accept Check (checks are not accepted as final payments. We will add a fee of $30.00 for any returned checks (sorry)

A. We are centrally located in eastern Kentucky (Lexington area) but we are more than willing to travel for you. We make this part easy. Anywhere within a 50 mile radius is no additional charge. Anywhere 50-75 is a flat fuel rate of $15.00, anywhere over 75+ will generally require an overnight accommodation charge. 

A. Absolutely! We offer a variety of wedding packages, but destination weddings are FREE! Yes, free! You get me there (air/lodging) and I will photograph for free!!! In state does not count as destination LOL

A. Our normal sessions are reasonably priced to accommodate most budgets and we are willing to accept payments if needed. 

 Our more extensive packages such as Seniors and/or Wedding packages can absolutely be split up through payments. 

Our goal is to offer professional photos for everyone and we stand by that.

Q. Are you insured?

Q. Can I do payment plans?
Q. Do you do destination weddings?

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

Q. Can I get the RAW photos?

Q. Do I get the copyrights to my photos?

Q. Can I get all prints instead of digital?

Q. If we do not have to choose then how many photos will I receive?

Q. When will I receive my photo gallery?

 Q. How do we receive our photos?

Q. Where is the furthest you will travel in-state, out-of-state?

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