A bunch of blah blah about me

Kara D Quinn


I am a mother to 3 daughters that include twins! I also am a mother to my fur-babies (2 English Bulldogs and a Siberian Husky) and most recently was promoted to a GLAM-MA (mimi) to a beautiful baby boy.

I have always had a love for photography. Photos are glimpses into periods of your life and a photo allows you to relive it even if for just a moment. Which is why they are our most cherished possessions. 

I take the job of capturing them very seriously because they will out live us for generations to come and see our story. 

After losing my husband recently, I am even more convinced of the value a simple photo can possess. I can reflect back on the exact occasion and feel like I am right there in that moment. He always hated having his photo taken and oddly when he passed unexpectedly, the few photos we had became more valuable than gold.

So I go into every session wanting to not just create nice photos but truly capture a memory. Whether its a Senior Shoot, a Family portrait or a Milestone birthday; every photo is a piece of time that you can hold in your hand and relive in your heart. A story piece for years to come. This is also why I try to make each session an experience in itself. 

Memory making should be a fun memory in itself and hopefully by the end of the session I will have gained some new friends. 

Memories are something we all should be able to have and enjoy. so I decided to create packages that not only reasonably priced , but I will also tailor make one if need be to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for. 

Because life proves we lived but photos prove just how we lived it!

Whew! Did you really read all that? Wow!

Then what are you waiting for? Call me!

Come and view some of my photos to get an idea of the style artistry I put into every shoot.

Some like portrait, other prefer candids. I go into each shoot as a new experience and let my clients guide me on how to project them to the world. 

Some are serious, some silly. Show me your REAL you and let me show you off to the world...