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Updated: Aug 28, 2018

How to have fun with your clients to get the best candid shots.

I prefer to play games with my clients on the day of their shoot. Depending on the type of shoot ie; couple, family, senior, children.

”Have Fun"

Here are a few of my fun games that I do to get the best shots.

Name Game

in group or family sessions I will ask them to answer my questions using only their heads or eyes. For example: Who here has the stinkiest feet? or Who here is the biggest diva? This way it gets them interacting and relaxed, not to mention it normally provokes (natural) smiles and laughter and that is what we are looking for...

Younger kids are always the best. I will bring paper and have them write on the paper one thing they admire about each of their family members and i will photograph them holding up their answers with the specific person behind them (not seeing it) until proof time.

“Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

Couples are easy.I may have them give butterfly kisses on the neck or shoulder of their loved one. Some form of a loving tickle to provoke love in their eyes.

Have them look to me and describe what they love about the other. Getting the real emotion from them and the reaction from the other is a no-fail way to ensure a great photo.

Have them (with a look) show you how much they love the other. Sometimes this makes for laughter (which works just as well) others an emotional love story in a look.

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