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Capturing a memory...

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I suppose I have always loved taking photos but you don't truly appreciate them until they are all you have left of a loved one. Losing my husband a few months ago really opened my eyes to the importance of memorializing an occasion. When he passed we looked everywhere for photos. He was your typical man that never wanted to take them. Here I am a photographer and yet, couldn't get my own family for a sit down pose.

Sadly we just didn't have many recent ones of him. So each one we did in fact find became more valuable than gold.

I cant stress enough how important photos are.

So I take pride in offering a good product to my clients. Senior photo shoots are big right now, and so they should be! This is a milestone in their life that they do not get a second go at, just like a wedding day or a newborn photo.

When your children are off to college, or married with their own families, those photos will bring you back to the moment in time and that is priceless.

Senior shoots are a lot of fun because as one chapter is ending a new one is about to unfold for them. I like to make those shoots fun. Go to their high school where those memories are held. How often do you visit your school after graduation? So this is a memory. A bench you sat on during lunch or the corridor of a first kiss? All hold significant value.

I also like (if possible) to go to the college they may be attending or the ball park they played on. Anywhere that they hang out with friends or hold meaning to them. Each child is different and each has a story that begs to be told.

Look at your family or significant other right now. You will never have this exact moment again. Children change every second, loved ones lost, lovers lost, friends come and go but in a photograph you can hold on to them for a lifetime.

Long after we are gone, generations after us can also have a glimpse in time when your life was able to sit still long enough to be captured and tell a story that we may not be there to tell.

Don't let another moment pass without capturing a memory.

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