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Making Something out of Nothing

Everyone thinks a great photoshoot needs some tropical locale or an out of the ordinary backdrop. Although these are great when you can have them available to you, but not necessary. You can accomplish a beautiful shoot with the simplest of things or nothing at all.

Fall brings so many natural backdrops. The changing of the trees, the muted greens of the pastures, the cool weather sweaters and hot cocoa held by fuzzy mittens. The list goes on. An endless supply of ideas just waiting to happen. That is at least until winter.

Winter months bring an entirely new scene to the mix. The cool blue hues, frost on a window. Snow lined trees or simply snow fall as your overlay. You can be creative and find many wonders during this season. Add in the holiday's and the possibilities are endless.

Spring is a beautiful time to get out there. Blooming trees and flowers, life anew. All waiting for you to capture. Birds and insects coming out to play. Foggy sunrises and dew in the morning sun. The beginning of pastel skies and mouth watering sunrises. Who doesnt like spring?

Summer adds in lake and beach days with longer hours to adventure. Hiking, swimming, kayaking and more. All with the ever changing mother nature. Wild lightening storms, hazing sun filled fields, new life out for pasture. Road trips and more.

The point is that there is no "perfect" time of year to take photographs. Just different points of view. Granted you may need to add more layers while shooting in the cooler seasons, but it doesnt mean there isnt anything there to shoot.

You've seen the photos taken in craft stores, which proves that with a little imagination and a camera, you can transform anything in to something from nothing at all.

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